Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Nell’ Ora Blu (CD)

Format LP
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Release Date 31/05/2024

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats’ New 2024 Studio Album Nell’ Ora Blu on CD. Their First New Album in Six Years!

Plainly the most radical album of their career to date, Nell’ Ora Blu stands out from the sterile desert of rock ’n’ roll in 2024 like a gore-drenched beacon. The album is a tribute to the bloody Italian Giallo film scene, and even features spoken word interludes by Edwige Fenech and Franco Nero. What this scintillating detour tells us about the future of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats remains a mystery, but after enjoying such rich and fruitful artistic indulgence, Starrs’ notoriety as one of heavy music’s most distinctive voices can only increase. An eccentric tour-de-force, Nell’ Ora Blu is the band’s magnum opus. You will have nightmares. Trust no one. Watch your back. Let the blood flow…

“I know something like this might have limited appeal, but who cares?” said band mastermind Kevin Starrs. “Most of what we do has a limited appeal anyway! It’s just a real mix of different styles that I like. There are no singles or ‘hits’. Instead, it all just flows along one thing into the next. You can think of it like blood seeping from a wound. It’s continuous. By the end of it, you’re left exhausted. It’s hard work for the listener. We don’t do easy listening!”

  1. Il sole sorge sempre
  2. Giustizia di strada – Lavora fino alla morte
  3. La vipera
  4. Vendetta (tema)
  5. La bara resterà chiusa
  6. Cocktail party
  7. Il tesoro di Sardegna
  8. Nell’ ora blu
  9. Il chiamante silenzioso
  10. Tortura al telefono
  11. Pomeriggio di novembre nel parco – Occhi che osservano
  12. Il ritorno del chiamante silenzioso
  13. Solo la morte ti ammanetta
  14. Il gatto morto
  15. Guidando veloce verso la campagna
  16. L’ omicidio
  17. Resti umani
  18. Sorge anche il sole
  19. Ritorno all’oscurità


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