Planet Of Zeus - Loyal To The Pack (2LP)

Planet Of Zeus - Loyal To The Pack (2LP)
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After an unforgettable couple of years supporting their acclaimed ‘Vigilante’ album, Greek groove/stoner/heavy rock act Planet Of Zeus return with their most accomplished and cohesive album to date; the spectacular ‘Loyal to the Pack

  • Deluxe 800 pcs limited 180 gram double vinyl edition

Side One:

1.Loyal to the pack (5:01)
2.Devil calls my name (3:05)
3. Them nights (4:22)

Side Two:

1.Little deceiver (3:47)
2.Your love (4:27)
3.Retreat (5:25)

Side Three:

1.Sea bastards (4:44)
2.White shroud (5:26)
3.Scum alive (3:16)

Side Four:

1.Indian red (5:45)

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