Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band – Black Power Flower (CD)

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BRANT BJORK, as cult figure of the Palm Desert scene, was founder / drummer of the now defunct Stoner-Rock legends Kyuss and is a permanent member of Vista Chino (formerly KYUSS Lives!). Now, he is sailing under his own flag, proving once again that his multi-instrumental skills know no creative boundaries. With his excellent occupied Low Desert Punk Band, Bjork lets the scorching heat of Nevada shimmer in his songs. He also scrubs his guitar through all sorts of psychedelic effect pedals and skillfully mixes Stoner Rock, Blues and Doom-bonds to a feverish hazy brew.

1. Controllers Destroyed
2. We Don’t Serve Their Kind
3. Stokely Up Now
4. Buddha Time (Everything Fine)
5. Soldier Of Love
6. Boogie Woogie On Your Brain
7. Ain’t No Runnin’
8. That’s A Fact, Jack
9. Hustler’s Blues
10. Where You From, Man


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