Kayser – IV : Beyond The Reef Of Sanity (LP)

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Swedish thrash horde Kayser are back with a new album entitled IV: Beyond The Reef Of Sanity set to be released in October 2016. Ex Spiritual Beggars and Kayser vocalist Spice comments: “IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity is a musical continuation of Read Your Enemy. Like a big brother with more muscles and stronger bone structure. A truly genuine effort with the easily recognizable characteristics of Kayser. All the ingredients are there but taken several steps further. There’s an emphasis on a grander approach in many of the songs, culminating in the 13 minutes long epos ‘The Silent Serenade’.”

“No boundaries and no limits…and that goes for everything,” was stated initially to set the aim straight in 2004 when Spice, Bob Ruben and Swaney joined forces in forming Kayser. The line-up was completed with the joining of Jokke and Biff 2005. With an easily identifiable sound, the musical expression stretches from riffing grooves to aggressive ferocity with dips from different bowls of metal and rock. Noticeable influences are strings from early Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth and Metallica firmly incorporated in Kayser’s expression.

  • White coloured vinyl edition
  1. Beyond the Reef of Sanity
  2. Asphalt and Suicide
  3. I Sold My Soul (for Your Dream)
  4. Old Blanket
  5. Through the Darkness
  6. One Man Army
  7. Debris (of a Dream)
  8. The Silent Serenade
  9. Allergic to Life
  10. Dusk



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