Lucifer – Lucifer III (Digi CD)

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Lucifer III is the third studio album by LUCIFER who celebrated massive international success with 2018’s much acclaimed “Lucifer II”, which saw the 2014 formed band’s new constellation reach a new level of songcraft and sheer impact. Uniting the songwriting talents of Johanna Sadonis and Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Entombed, Imperial State Electric), “Lucifer III” now further perfects the group’s stunning mix of 70’s hard rock, tinges of doom, doses of classic heavy metal and addictive choruses resulting in powerful ballads (‘Leather Demon’, ‘Cemetery Eyes’), straight up rockers (‘Flanked By Snakes’, ‘Ghosts’), catchy anthems (‘Lucifer’, ‘Midnight Phantom’, ‘Pacific Blues’) and Sabbathian heaviness (‘Coffin Fever’).

01. Ghosts (04:05)
02. Midnight Phantom (04:13)
03. Leather Demon (04:52)
04. Lucifer (03:56)
05. Pacific Blues (04:07)
06. Coffin Fever (04:12)
07. Flanked By Snakes (03:34)
08. Stay Astray (04:39)
09. Cemetery Eyes (05:49)


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