The Sons Of Truth – A Message From The Ghetto (LP)

Format LP
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The Sons of Truth crossed religious subject matter with a supremely grooving 70s-funk flair and released one masterful album for the Stax subsidiary Gospel Truth, 1972’s A Message From The Ghetto. Don’t be fooled by the down-and-out vibe of the album cover – between the sweet-soul tinged vocal harmonies and the wah-wah-laced grooves, the Sons of Truth covers all the bases here, turning in a well-rounded set of uplifting soul music no matter how you slice it.

  1. Son Of The Deacon
  2. I Feel Good
  3. Close To Him
  4. The Ghetto
  5. Give It Up
  6. It’s You (You’re The One)
  7. Call On Him
  8. He’s All We Need
  9. God Help Us All
  10. With Jesus You’re Free
  11. I Don’t Know Where We’re Headed
  12. God Bless The Children


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