Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady: 45th Anniversary (Coloured LP)

Format LP
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Release Date 08/03/2024

Limited 45th Anniversary Edition Orange Vinyl. Includes 8 page booklet and download card

A one off Orange vinyl pressing celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the essential Buzzcocks singles collection.

A1. Orgasm Addict [1:58]
A2. What Do I Get? [2:50]
A3. Don’t Mind [2:20]
A4. Love You More [1:45]
A5. Ever Fallen In Love? [2:40]
A6. Promises [2:35]
A7. Everybody’s Happy Nowadays [3:10]
A8. Harmony In My Head [3:05]

B1. What Ever Happened To? [2:08]
B2. Oh Shit! [1:32]
B3. Autonomy [3:52]
B4. Noise Annoys [2:49]
B5. Just Lust [2:57]
B6. Lipstick [2:35]
B7. Why Can’t I Touch It? [6:33]
B8. Something’s Gone Wrong Again [4:30]


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